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Day 1. August 28 (Wed.) : DMZ Site Visit: Making Peace at the Site of the Korean Division

Day 2. August 29 (Thu.) : International Forum and Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session Ⅳ



Date & Time August 29 (Thu.), 16:00~18:30 Location Lotte Hotel Seoul (Garnet Suite, 37F)
Organizer Korean Educational Development Institute
Theme DMZ and Peace Education in Global Context
In this session, presenters will have the opportunity to inform the international community of the situation of the division of the Korean peninsula and prominent scholars and activists from around the world will hold in-depth discussions on the direction of new peace and reunification education.
This session will be a platform to discuss relations between peaceful and non-peaceful methods inherent in our society and also how the DMZ can contribute to creating a peaceful paradigm on the Korean Peninsula. Participants will include a peace educator from the UK; an ICU peace studies professor from Japan; activists from around the world including the director of Border Peace Schools; international and local researchers and scholars on the DMZ region; and peace and reunification educators.
Participants will examine topics on peace and reunification education by focusing on the process of reunification through the establishment of a peaceful regime on the Korean peninsula, as well as methods to develop these discussions into peace and reunification education within schools and educational sites beyond the classroom.


Time Program
16:00 - 16:10 (10‘) Opening Ceremony and Greetings
BAN Sang-Jin
(President, Korean Educational Development Institute, Republic of Korea)
16:10 - 17:35 (85‘) Moderator
KIM Philo
(Professor, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)

“Relational Schools Framework, Promoting Peace through Relationships”

Robert LOE
(Founder and Director, Relational Schools Foundation, United Kingdom)

“Is Peace Really Teachable?: Toward an Ecological Mindset for Peace Education”

SASAO Toshiaki
(International Christian University, Japan)

“Peace Education beyond Division in the Korean Peninsula”

KANG Soon-won
(Professor, Hanshin University, Republic of Korea)

“The Story of Border Peace School: Education Movement for Peace-building in the Korean Peninsula”

JUNG Jiseok
(Director, Border Peace School, Republic of Korea)
17:35 - 17:50 (15’) Coffee Break
17:50 - 18:30 (40‘) Discussions


KIM Jeongwon
(Director-General, Future Education Research Division, Korean Educational Development Institute, Republic of Korea)

“Decolonial Practices for Peace Education in Korea”

(Assistant Professor, Keimyoung University)